Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bad News: Sydney T. Cat Bad Agent not accepting clients

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Response to our post "Announcing the Really Bad Literary Agency," has been overwhelming -- mostly from writers wanting to sign with agent Sydney T. Cat.

Sadly, Sydney reports that she is not taking on any new clients at this time. (Bad agent! No catnip!) Her dish is full so to speak. (Actually, she has an auto-feeder on her kibble dish, which is why she's as fat a cat as she is today. Strangely, as an agent, this makes her all the more desirable.)

Still, she has an intense desire to exploit -- uh -- help every struggling writer out here. To that end, Sydney is accepting questions about the writing business to which she will respond publicly with her famously bad advice. So if you have a question about how publishing works, submissions, manuscript format, editors, agents, royalties, contracts, or anything else, just drop it in a comment at the end of this message, or email it care of me ( j-steven-york @ ) and she will try to get to it in a future post.
Until then, Sydney suggests the best thing that you can do for your writing career is to keep yourself warm in a Sydney tee-shirt from her shop, pick up your favorite catnip toy in your mouth, and tunnel under a blanket to wait for help.

Because, doing nothing is always better than possibly doing the wrong thing. (See, the bad advice has already started!)

Hopefully, Syd will talk to you soon.


Though Sydney is not taking clients, NO WRITER SHOULD BE DENIED PROPER SUPERVISION BY A CAT!  Fortunately, there are many homeless kitties in shelters across the country just waiting for writers to supervise!  Find out more HERE!

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