Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sydney Wisdom of the Day: Theory of Relativity


Silly writers think that value of their manuscript (and by extension, themselves) is absolute.  It maybe be good, or it may be bad, or may be somewhere in-between, but whatever it is, it is, today, tomorrow, and the next.

Pssh!  Is all a bunch of cat-sand!  Value of manuscript can only be determined in the context of the here-and-now in Sydney's world!  

Now, you might might think this has to do with publishing market.  Vampire books is hot one day, maybe glut the next.  Good theory!  But this would mean that Sydney is keeping tabs on publishing market, and that is too much work.  No fun either, so she does not do.

No, it means that importance of every manuscript goes up and down relative to Sydney's workload.  If Sydney has Big Deal going that requires all her attention, every other manuscript in her office looks just a little bit more like crap.  

If Sydney has a big back-log of slush (and when does she not?), all looks like crap.  

If Sydney has too-many clients clamoring for her attention and approval (and since Sydney loves money, Sydney always has more clients than she can shake a catnip-mouse at) then everything in office start to get a certain stink about it.

What is funny is, people put so much value in Sydney's approval, when all this is TOTALLY BEYOND THE WRITER'S CONTROL!  All control is Sydney's in how many clients she takes on, how eagerly she seeks new clients, how she manages her time, and of course, how many naps she takes!  ALL POWER IS SYDNEY'S!

This is just one more more way that writers willingly hand over power over their lives and careers to Bad Agent Sydney, and not even know!

Is good to be me!


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