Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sydney Wisdom of the Day - I Love Commas


Client came to Sydney recently wanting Sydney to track down missing royalty statements on her low-mid-list book.  What?  Like Sydney has nothing better to do?

Why Sydney not care?  If there is money, Sydney gets cut, right?

Trouble is, this is not big book.  If there is money, and this is only if, it is what Sydney calls "no comma money."  This means a number with no comma in it.  Sure, this could be big deal for author, but Sydney only gets 15%  So for Sydney, even comma money could be as little as $150!  That will not even pay this week's tuna bill!

Sydney is all about the bottom line, and your little checks is not that!  Sure, little checks add up, but so does work!  SYDNEY DOES NOT WANT WORK!  Sydney has no time for your little, tiny concerns!

You is not worth my time little peoples!

This is so upsetting, Sydney will have to go take naps now.  Sorry clients!  No work for you today!


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