Thursday, June 10, 2010

Writer-cat photo contest winner, Sumo (and his writer person, Kay Kenyon)


Has been a while since Sydney posted writer-cat photo winner.  Too sad.  But life goes on, and is time for Sydney to get back on the horse.  (Okay, in Sydney's case, is more like "get back on the pillow.")  So Sydney goes looking through her files of entries and finds good one!

Bright of the Sky (Entire and the Rose, Book 1)This is Sumo, cat-supervisor of writer Kay Kenyon.  Read about Kenyon-person at  
But is Sumo's picture that wins Sydney over.  Look at this sweet face!  Reminds Sydney of her enforcer, Mr. Oz, if Mr. Oz were not a cruel and merciless agent of pain and chaos.

Also has blue eyes!  Look!  Pretty!

PRIZE TIME!  Treat for Sydney!  Hey, Kenyon, go gives Sumo treat!  You know that one he likes!  While you doing, we looks at your note!

Not only is Sumo good-looking cat, Kenyon-person says he is wise too!  Here is her letter: 

My overlord is Sumo. We met at the pound one summer day in 2001, and it's been undying devotion (on my part) ever since. He's taught me much about writing and napping. Here are some of his unforgettable principles:

Hecks, yeah he is!  Big kitty-congrats to winner Sumo!  ALL WRITERS NEED CAT SUPERVISION!  See link at bottom of message to find shelter near you where CAT SUPERVISION IS WAITING!  GO!


(Hey, Sydney always welcomes new writer-cat photo entries!  Send picture (try to limit to one or two per entry) with text about stuff like how your cat came to supervise you, why they is so special, or how they supervise your writing!  Email here.  Be patient!  Sydney keeps file of entries, and picks her favorite each time!)

 Bad Agent Sydney wants to hear from YOU! Please leave your queries, questions, or comments! Perhaps Sydney's response will inspire a future post! While Bad Agent Sydney is not taking on new clients at this time, she is well aware that ALL WRITERS NEED CAT SUPERVISION!  Little known fact that this instinctive talent that ALL cats have!  Writers (and everyone want to be writer!), do to local shelter and ADOPT HOMELESS KITTY TODAY!  Use this LINK to find shelter near you!  GO!  AGENT SYDNEY SAYS! If you found this post useful or fun, please be aware that Sydney has NEEDS! Toys. Catnip. TUNA! Support Sydney (and her people) by digging deep and sending a "thank-you" donantion her way. PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (You cannot resist my hypnotic "pay up!" purr! PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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