Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sydney Wisdom of the Day - I like to Mingle


Yesterday, person says to me, "Sydney, do you co-mingle your personal, business, and client funds?  I've heard this can lead to trouble."

You want to know what causes trouble?  CLIENTS!  Also people who ask snoopy questions!  (Snoopy as in intrusive, not Snoopy as in CARTOON DOG!)

But Sydney will answer anyway.  Sydney has no secrets.  None she will tell you about anyway.

Sydney does not co-mingle funds.  Sydney puts all funds in blender and hits LIQUEFY button!  All funds completely mixed into unidentifiable mess!

What?  You says you has payment coming?  Well sure, just look in here and point at it!  What?  Why you look so confused?  While you figure it out, Sydney will pour a big glass of assets for herself!  Oh!  You are too slow!  Blender empty now!

Doing this makes it much easier for Sydney to answer all financial questions and/or charges with her stock answer: "Huh?"

Is good to be me!


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