Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Science proves Sydney not just most important site on the Internet, Sydney IS the internets!


Dear Clients (and World):

For years, Sydney has been telling you she is more important than any of  you.  Now, thanks to Google labs, Sydney has SCIENTIFICAL PROOF of her importance.  See, Google builds uber-smart, artificial-intelligence computer with 16,000 cores.  (Sydney does not know what "cores" is, but number is impressive.  When in doubt, Sydney loves to confuse clients with big numbers!)  Google sets super-smart brain loose on internet to scan TEN MILLION (Look!  Another number!) digital images to see what great wisdom it would learn.

So, what does computer come back and say is sum total of internet, the answer to life, the cyberspaces, and everythings?  Here it is:

Yesses!  It's ME!
Maybes you think this is big joke, but is not!  Reads all about it yourself in the New York Times!

You may begin worshiping Sydney now!  (What, you weren't already?)  

Being most important thing on internet is very tiring.  Sydney will go take 86,400 seconds (See!  Another number!) worth of naps now!  Sorry clients!  No work for you today!

Is good to be me!


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    You are hilarious!