Friday, February 26, 2010

First Contest Winners Admiral Dufus, General Nuisance, also Janet Freeman-Daily


Hey!  Contest to promote aimless writers adopting homeless kitties only one day old, and already got winners!

Contest not over!  More winners next week!  Lots winners!  Keep sending writer cat photos!  Now!  Stupid writers!  Contest details here!

First winner, cats Admiral Dufus and General Nuisance via their writer Janet Freeman-Daily!  

They win-three reasons!  First, first to enter!  Not last!  Have many entries!  But first!  Sydney said to hurry!  Writer follows instructions!  Sydney likes this.

Second reason!  Good picture!  Pretty kitties.  Reminds Sydney of her enforcer, Mr. Oz!  Pastoral scene of kitties magnetically attracted to shed on black jacket!  Ahhhh!

Third reason.  General Nuisance possibly GREATEST CAT NAME EVER!  Extra award!  Sydney gets TWO treats!  Also Admiral Dufus and General Nuisance!  Go get treats Janet!  GO!  We wait, look at picture:
Janet says:

Hi Bad Agent Sydney,

Admiral Dufus (13 lbs on my arm) and General Nuisance (15 lbs on my lap) inspire me to stay at my computer and use my left brain.

Janet Freeman

So, smart kitties know writers easy to push around and only use half brain! 
Good kitties!  You got winner stink all over you!  Be sure to shed on jacket!

Sydney will be back Monday with more or our regular Bad Agent Wisdom, and Tuesday with another winner in our Big Contest!  

Rest of you writers, SEE HOW HAPPY JANET IS!  GO GIVE HOMELESS KITTIES HOMES!  NOW!  (You say you not writer?  Liar!  Everyone secretly wants to have written!  GO ADOPT CAT!  Then tell everyone you're writing book!  YOU HAVE CAT, THEY BELIEVE!)

- Sydney

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