Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sydney Wisdom of the Day - Just a Few Things


Dear new client:

Welcome to the "Really Bad Literary Agency family!  Sydney loves to discover dazzling new talent, but she has found you instead, and so will run with what she has got.  

Sydney is really impressed with your first submission!  Sees great best-seller potential here!  Loves everything about it!

Except, of course, everything.  First problem with your cozy mystery is protagonist is marathon-running senior-citizen lady.  Sydney hears young-adult is very hot right now, so make lady 15.  Also, running hard work and sweaty.  Not cool with teens.  Make her international nail-polish model.  Probably just a few lines of fix.  You okay with that, right?  

Also, murder not so good with teens.  Change crime to who stole secret new nail-polish color.  Pretty much same thing right?  Also, change gruff police detective to sexy werewolf with sparkle-glitter in hair, make best friend into magic angel, and change setting from Boston to Paris.

But otherwise, is perfect!

Except it isn't.  Needs that special "professional polish" that can only come from experienced book-doctor, such as -- oh, don't know -- maybe Mr. Oz, professional book doctor that Sydney has certainly never met before or had any business relationship with, yet has complete confidence in and insists you use!

Mr. Oz - Professional book-shredder --er-- doctor!
Of course this will be small largish fee for his professional services, and certainly none of it will be kicked-back to Sydney's pocket.  Probably.

Well, not much anyway.

For large values of "not much."

Anyhow, Mr. Oz has never published book, of course, or been an editor, or worked in publishing industry at all, but spends most of time with people who actually speak English, and therefore is fully qualified to tell you how to improve books!  Also, his claws are very sharp.

When Mr. Oz returns book to you, bring pieces back to Bad Agent Sydney for reading and further comments.  Sydney is sure she will LOVE everything about it!



Parnell Hall on how to write mystery.  Hysterical!! Agent Sydney wants to hear from YOU!
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