Friday, April 9, 2010

Writer-cat photo contest winner, Allie cat


Hey, writer peoples!  Sorry Sydney not post so much this week.  Very busy abusing her clients and not have time!  She knows you live for her wise council, and will try to abuse and misinform you better in the future!  

But for now, here's a new winner in our very-important, ongoing, Writer-cat Photo Contest!  (Still time to enter!  Always time to enter!  Send pictures and info about how cat helps you write, along with info about writer and books if you want to  Sydney reads all your entries!)

Anyway, today's winner: Allie Cat, as sent in by writer Lyn Worthen!  Big prize!  Treats for Sydney!  Also treats for Allie Cat.  You go give, Lyn.  We look at picture while you gone...

  Allie Cat's entry comes with important life-lessons that Sydney will explain later.  Here's what Lyn says about Allie Cat:

My dear Sydney -

While we all know that you are the ultimate inspiration for writers and their cats everywhere, I would like to tell you a little story about the cat who owns me.

Allie Cat found us in the park eleven years ago, and graciously decided to bless our lives with her presence ever since. She has made the back of the couch her castle, from which she observes with disdain the birds and small children who frequently clutter our front yard, and has even gone so far as to teach our dog to catch mice and walk on the back of furniture.

When I, in my foolishness, decided to set up a private desk where I could work on my writing away from the general hubub of the household, Allie graced it with her presence -- reminding me that the spot I had chosen was, in fact, occupying one of her favorite sunny spots (I have attached a photo of Allie, as she lay stretched out across the desk). 

I've since moved my desk into the corner, and returned ownership of  the sunny spot to Allie (as rightful owner). I even put the couch back, for her lazing-about pleasure. Hopefully, if I brush and pet her enough while watching episodes of Lost, the old Sherlock Holmes series, and other movies of her choosing, I'm confident that she will eventually forgive me for my disgraceful error in judgment.

I hope you find Allie to be as inspirational as I did!

with fondest regard,

Lyn W

Thanks, Lyn!  Treats for you, too!  Go get!

Okay, what we learn here?


B: SOME DOGS NEED CAT SUPERVISION, AND MAY BE MILDLY TRAINABLE!  Sydney is skeptical about this, personally, but other cats say it is so.

and of course...


There.  That taken care of.  Also Lyn say one more thing.

p.s. I also hope you enjoyed the tin of Fancy Feast tuna that I left for you at the recent Novel workshop at the -- it was on the shelf, next to the full-size photo of you that adorned the upstairs 
lounge. It just seemed fitting (I had to go before I could make sure it was delivered). Check with your people :)

What she talking about?  Well, cardboard stand-in Sydney (Sydney does not make personal appearances, but sometimes sends 2-dimensional surrogate) made personal appearance at writer's workshop recently, and Lyn was there.  When nobody looking, LYN SNEAKS IN AND LEAVES OFFERING AT ALTAR OF CARDBOARD SYDNEY!

Big points for imagination and initiate there!  Only next time, Sydney wants REAL tuna, not this "cat food" stuff.  Chunk light, water pack, dolphin-safe.  No albacore. (Sydney concerned about mercury and saving fishes for future kitties to eat!)

Anything worth doings is worth doings right!  Nice try though.

Is good to be me.


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