Friday, April 16, 2010

Writer-cat photo contest winner, the Jennifer Stakes Kitty Crew!


Sorry I has not posted much this week.  Lady-who-feeds-me-tuna has been big-sick, and needed cat-laying-upon.  Is hard work, but somebody has to do it!  So, no time for Tweets or Blogs or Clients this week!

Fortunately, lady is feeling much better and went to work today, leaving Sydney some time for new writer-cat photo contest winner!

Hard to pick this week!  So many good entries (still can use more though, SEND!) to choose from.  But finally found one that works.  Is good and timely, and best of all, KITTENS!  Just can't go wrong with kittens!

Here some background (pay attention all you writers who lack proper cat supervision!): This weekend, Petco pet stores having National Pet Adoption Event.  That mean that Petco near you have many pets needing good writer homes!  Mentioned this on twitter, and Jennifer Stakes tweets me this:

@badagentsydney My fostered PileOfKittens are at @Petco now waiting for their Forever Homes. Miss their literary geniusness.

So, Sydney retweets to tell people that there are EXPERIENCED writer-supervision kitties out there for adoption!  But only just now did Sydney make connection that she has PICTURES of experience writer-supervision kitties in her contest folder!  

Duh!  Sydney is not very organized sometimes!  Is special bad-agent super-power!

Anyway, here is picture!  Treats for me!  But Jennifer cannot give foster-kitties treats, cuz' is already at Petco!  BEST TREATS FOR WINNERS GREAT NEW HOMES!  SYDNEY SAYS IT MUST BE SO!

So treats for you, Jennifer, for taking care of future-writer-kitties!  Greenies, tuna, Ben and Jerry's, whatever you like!

Anyway, here is what kitty Cinnamon writes about Jennifer and friends!:

Hallo Sydney!

This is me, Cinnamon, and my writer-human Jen.  I am five-and-a-half weeks old and Jen is older but she still needs kitten supervision!  You can see in the picture that I am watching her laptop screen from my place on her comfy shoulder and every time an adverb sneaks into her novel I say "MEW" and she says, "Thank you clever Cinnamon for your kitten geniusness" and deletes it.  Treats for me!

Here is me as well with my three brothers and sisters: Ginger, Nutmeg and Pepper.  Ginger is really good at pointing out when Jen-writer-human does silly English spelling cos she is in America now and can't go round putting 'u's into words like 'color'.  Tuh.  Nutmeg is awesome at commas and Pepper knows totally everything about apostrophes.  But I is Queen of Adverbs!

Jen-writer-human is only our Foster Mum (Mom! - Ginger - Silly Brit laydee!) and she fosters all sorts of literary kitties until they find their Forever Homes.  She can't have a Forever Kitty right now cos she'll be going back to Engyland sometime. 

We were found in a box in a car park (Parking lot! - Ginger) all on our ownsomes by a nice lady who took us to Pet Rescue of Maryland.  They phoned Jen-writer-human and said "Lucky you!  Super literary kittens want to live with you for a little bit!"  So Jen-writer-human gives us our medication and feeds us up until we are well enough to be adopted by our Forever Humans.  In return, she gets Kitten Supervision.  Bargain deal for her!  

You can see some of the other Literary Kitties who have supervised her at the Pet Rescue of Maryland website:  You might even want to adopt one of them for your very own writer supervision!

We also have other skills such as: pulling all the tissues out of the tissue box and shredding them; getting shut in kitchen cupboards and squeaking until relieved writer-human finds us; being AWESOME CUTE and sleeeeping in a big pile.  See?  Very talented kittens.  Jen-writer-human is one lucky writer!

Love and kitten treats,
Cinnamon, Kitten Supervisor of Jen-writer-human (

See!  Jennifer big hero in literary cat world!  Okay, one more cute kitten picture for road:


Everybody else, go to local Petco NOW, or find animal shelter near you using link at bottom of message!  ALL WRITERS NEED CAT SUPERVISION! 


Bad Agent Sydney wants to hear from YOU!
Please leave your queries, questions, or comments! Perhaps Sydney's response will inspire a future post!

While Bad Agent Sydney is not taking on new clients at this time, she is well aware that ALL WRITERS NEED CAT SUPERVISION!  Little known fact that this instinctive talent that ALL cats have!  Writers (and everyone want to be writer!), do to local shelter and ADOPT HOMELESS KITTY TODAY!  Use this LINK to find shelter near you!  GO!  AGENT SYDNEY SAYS!

If you found this post useful or fun, please be aware that Sydney has NEEDS! Toys. Catnip. TUNA! Support Sydney (and her people) by digging deep and sending a "thank-you" donantion her way. PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (You cannot resist my hypnotic "pay up!" purr! PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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