Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sydney Wisdom of the Day - Commissions


People says me: "Sydney, didn't agents once get a 10% commission rather than the standard 15% they get today?"

Sydney respond, "you sure is nosy, history-boy.  Yes, is not that many years agents most get 10%.  Before Sydney's time.  She is just a little cat.  But some writers remember.  Stupid writers."

So people says me: "What did agents do to get themselves a 50% raise?  Is it a reward for their outstanding performance?"

Sydney says: "Stupid writers.  Costs go up.  Tuna cost more.  NEED TUNA!"

So people says me: "So Sydney, that's true of writers too.  Why didn't agents get their clients (and thus themselves) more money?  Didn't they just reward themselves on a grand scale for bad performance?"

Sydney says: "Stupid writers!  Do not make this about you!  NEED TUNA?  What part that you not understand?"

Stupid writers.  Upset Sydney.

Sydney will now go nap in her tuna warehouse, just to calm down.


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