Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sydney Wisdom of the Day - Favorites


Silly writers think agents treat all clients the same.  Stupid to think they should.  Stupid to think they do.  

Here is fact of life: Agents play favorites.

Sometimes not even mean to.  It just, whoever is making you money today is going get attention.  What you open first in mail, bills, or envelopes with checks?   See?

Sometimes, it not even who is making me money.  Is who is making me money with the least grief.  Sliding scale of grief vs. money is real factor in picking Sydney's favorite.

Which brings us to who is Sydney's least favorite, the one whose calls get returned last.  This is clients that cause Sydney trouble.  Sydney does not like trouble.  Is work without making money, and Sydney much prefers making money without work.

Very often, trouble is not author's fault.  Is editor's fault.  Is publisher's fault.  Is somebody else's fault.  But not writer.

Does not matter.  Trouble-stink is all over them, and these are Sydney's goats-of-the-day.

Yes, Sydney said "day."  

Sydney is fickle.  Always your friend when big checks come in and big deals are about to close.  Maybe next day you is trouble with no check, and Sydney is always "in the litter box" when you call.

But you says, "agents should treat all clients the same, and give them equal time and attention."

Sydney says, "You don't like it, call the Happy Fairy Police and have them send the Easter Bunny down to arrest me."


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  1. Sydney looks a lot like my cat, which is funny because I didn't think ANY cat looked like my cat.

  2. Sydney is pretty unusual looking, and so, by extrapolation, so must your cat. You should enter our "writer cat" contest with a picture. Anybody who looks like Sydney is almost certain to win. She's a little (whispering) vain...