Friday, March 26, 2010

A Tale of Two Sydneys


Two things happen today to get Sydney's hackles up, so Sydney is here to set some things straight about who, and what, Sydney is!

First, is yet another case of celebrity hanger-on writing "tell-all" full of lies!  Peon-who-feeds-me-tuna J. Steven York writes post today on his "blog" about "where he gets the ideas for Bad Agent Sydney!"  The nerve!

Nobody "gets ideas" for Sydney!  This is as silly as theory that writers can "sell" books without agent intervention and improvement!  Peon writes like Sydney is just a little cat and he makes up words for Sydney! Pion is a big, fat, poopie-head!

Sydney is not just a little cat!  Sydney is big-cat-agent!  Write all her own words, and half of client's words!  (My book-doctor, Mr. Oz, writes the rest.)  

Truth is, J. Steven York is just a big-old stupid, and Sydney writes all words for HIM!  "Big Stupid Steven," is just character she makes up for him!  Big funny!  Has his own web site and Twitter account and everything!  HA!  Good joke!

Enough about that.  (GO GET ME TUNA, PEON!)

Other thing upset Sydney today is again, some writer calls Sydney "he!"  LISTEN WRITERS!  SYDNEY IS DAINTY LITTLE GIRL KITTY!  DON'T MAKE HER COME OVER AND READJUST YOUR FACE!

People is confused by Sydney's name, but Sydney is perfectly good girl name.  Here story of how Sydney gets it.  When Sydney came to live with lady-who-feeds-me-tuna Christina York, she was writing books based on "Alias" TV show.  Saw that, even as kitten, Sydney was kick-ass and in-charge, so she names me after kick-ass super-spy "Sydney Bristow," played by Jennifer Garner.  

See picture?  Surprised you never noticed resemblence.

What?  You still no see?  How about now?



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  1. My cat is middle-aged and looking to reinvent herself--she's set her sights on becoming a literary agent.

    She loves to make changes to my stories by randomly sitting on or walking across my keyboard--or even more commonly, sleeps on my books once they're done.

    I was skeptical about her aspiration to be an agent . . . "It takes a special education or background," I argued. "You need to find out what credentials you need and . . ."

    She flicked a paw disdainfully and Sydney's agent page came up. I stand corrected and relieved. It's nice when every cat's dream can come true. I can't wait for her to be in charge of all my money and career decisions--that kind of stuff is just not my forte.

    p.s. I love Sydney's very educational blogs and I tolerate Steve's as well,just because she seems to.