Monday, March 22, 2010

Sydney Wisdom of the Day - The Gate Swings Both Ways


You would think greatest power writers give to Bad Agent Sydney is the power to say "yes" for them. 

"Yes, we will do this book."  

"Yes, we will take this deal."

"Yes, we will sell these movie rights."

But this is not true!  Biggest power Sydney has is to say, "no."

"No, we will not do this book."

"No, this is not enough money for us to bother with."

"No, we will not sell these rights."

Reason is, client will, later if not sooner, find out when Sydney says, "yes."  

But very, very often, Sydney can say "no," and writer will never hear about it.  Never know the deals they missed, the opportunities they passed, or the decisions about their careers that were taken out of their hands.

Oh, sorry!  Not "taken."  Decisions about their careers that were given to Bad Agent Sydney.

When agents are set up as gatekeepers, we gots keys to both sides of the gate!

Is good to be in charge!


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