Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writer-cat photo contest winner, Bella


Yes, time for another winner in big writer-cat photo contest.  How many winner there be?  How many good photos I get?  YOU DECIDE!

Todays winner is Bella.  Not Bellah who win before.  Bellah live Colorado.  Bella live Alabama.  DIFFERENT CAT! Get straight.

Stupid writers.

Bella's people is writer and broadcast news guy Randy Tatano.  Randy got blog here:  Boring TV news stuff.  Sydney never watches TV.  Unless has bugs or birds.  Speaking of, here's picture:

Anyway, Bella send writer advice with cute picture:

Bella the cat says:
"Writing a story and not mailing it makes no sense. Do you think editors are magically going to appear? Fuhgeddaboudit! That makes about as much sense as my sitting in this bird bath and expecting birds to land here."

Hey, Bella, two things...

A. What wrong was sitting there waiting for birds?  Sound good me!

B. That sound like actual useful writer advice!  Whatsupwiththat?  Give writer useful advice, next thing you know, they sell things, get contract, get deadline, busy, busy, busy...  NO TIME LEFT FOR KITTIES!  On other hand, possibly become next James Patterson, buy you that mink cat bed with bird dispenser you been wanting, so maybe you got this covered...

Randy, go give Bella treat!  I'm thinking something bird-flavored.  GO!

Anyway, Writers, just think how cold and bird-covered poor Randy's birdbath was before Bella come along!  Randy happier with cat supervision.  ALL WRITERS NEED!  ADOPT HOMELESS KITTY!  Follow link in bottom of message to find shelter near you where homeless kitties waiting RIGHT NOW!  GO!

Anyway, work done for day.  (Sorry, clients, no time for you.)  Got to think of new Sydney Wisdom for tomorrow.  NEW WISDOM TOMORROW!

Until then,

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