Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sydney Wisdom of the Day: A Drop in the Water Bowl


Dear client,

Yes, you is right.  Sydney has made some little mistake in handling your money!  Maybe she forgot to send your share that royalty check, or those monies from that foreign-rights sale, or that low-dollar Hollywood option.  And maybe while she was at it, maybe she forgot to send along royalty statement or other paperwork that would give you some idea you was even owed money.  Thing is, some money that maybe should have gone to you didn't.

You caught me!  Mys bad!  Hey!  Mistakes are made!  

But it was not a big mistake.  Just a little check!  Maybe a hundred bucks.  Maybe a little more.  Maybe a little less.  Certainly not enough to worry your pretty little head over!  Just a drop!  Just a drop!

But you is just one client.  Sydney has many clients.  Hundreds clients!  A drop here.  A drop there.  It adds up!

Hmmm.  Sydney's water bowl is suddenly overflowing!  How did this happen?

Is good to be me!


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