Friday, December 31, 2010

Wisdom of the Day: Sydney's Almost-Certain-To-Get-You-Pre-published-Writing-School


Good news!  Sydney is starting a writing school for would-be clients!  If you're not good enough for Sydney to read out of slush, you is still plenty good enough to give Sydney money to learns how to write!

If you pays to go through Sydney's writing school, Sydney almost certainly promises to put your submissions back in her slush pile, maybes near the top!  Slush pile is not quite tall enough to get Sydney into prime afternoon sunny spot!

Of course, Sydney cannot teach you.  First, she is busy napping on top of slush-pile.  Seconds, she is just a little cat, and cannot write.

So Sydney needs to hire some writing instructors!  How to find peoples?  Hmmm.  Sydney has heard that if you go to Home Depot parking lot in the morning, you can hire people there...

Get your moneys ready!  Sydney will be right back!


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