Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sydney is Feeling Better

Sydney is feeling better, and we are all in trouble...

I just realized that it's been a while since we made a post here.  Just in case anyone was worrying, Bad Agent Sydney (or rather Sydney, the real cat who plays her on the internet) is well past her crisis and doing very well.  She's on steroids for her breathing problems, and they seem to help quite a bit, but if anything, she is more cranky and willful than ever.  And of course, she isn't good about taking her pills.  She refuses Greenies pill pockets for some reason (despite loving regular Greenies like kitty-crack) and has learned to glup down a whole spoonful of tuna instantly while leaving the pill buried inside behind.  Pretty much the only way to get it in her is to shove it down her throat with your finger and then rub her throat till she swallows it.  As you can imagine, this goes poorly for all involved.  But she is feeling better.

Last night in the living room she jumped into my lap, then stepped over onto my side table (where the Greenies jar and her hair brush are kept, along with less important stuff belonging to me, like my pad, phone, reading material, etc.) and proceeded to quite deliberately push things off onto the floor, then tried to break into the treat jar.  

When I took it away and gave her a couple treats before relocating it out of her reach, she went back to pushing things off, and then started pawing at her brush.  Then I brushed her, which she enjoyed greatly, right up until the point at which she turned around and chomped my hand.  I chased her back onto the floor, at which point she sat on the floor and burned holes in me with her eyes for the next twenty minutes.

That's our Sydney!

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