Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sydney Wisdom of the Day - Extrapolation


Sydney does not like to do work.  Submitting client's manuscripts: HARD!  Cut into Sydney's nap time!  But Sydney has time-tested Bad Agent technique to keep nasty work under control.  Is called "Extrapolation."

Here, I show you how work. 

Right now Sydney is looking at rejection from one junior editor at major publishing house:

"Sorry.  This is a great read and lots of fun, but left-handed pirate books aren't working for us right now.  Right-handed privateers are more the rage right now.  The writing is wonderful though, and we'd love to see more from this author."

From this, Sydney can extrapolate many things:

1. Nobody at this house will buy anything with left-handed pirates.
1a. Or pirates.
1b. Or left handed protagonists.

2. Nobody at ANY house will buy anything with left-handed pirates.
2a. Or pirates.
2b. Or left handed protagonists.

3.  Also client cannot sell, and Sydney should give up on them (not really the subject of this post).

So, anytime Sydney gets manuscript from ANY client with left-handed pirate, or pirate, or left-handed protagonist, or this client, is waste of Sydney's time and energy to send out.  Goes in "ignore" pile to be professionally ignored for duration of emergency.

This goes on, possibly for years, until that big left-handed pirate book that all the teenage girls love comes out, stays at top of Times list for six months.  THEN Sydney send out (except for stuff from that worthless client), creating glut just in time to watch trend fizzle.  Then can start sending out letters, "nobody buys left-handed pirate, or pirate, or left-handed books any more" again.

This may not seem smart, lose Sydney money.  But Sydney is not trend setter.  Setting trends is work.

Excuse me.  I gots to go ignore some pirate books...


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