Friday, July 26, 2013

Cat Assistant Steve here...

I'm sad to report that Sydney, the real-life cat who has "played" the fictional Bad Agent Sydney these past few years, and who is the inspiration for her diva personality, is quite ill.  She started sneezing and coughing a few days ago.  It seemed to get better yesterday, then went the other way last night.  She was quite warm and lethargic, and lost interest in her beloved Greenie treats, which scared me more than anything.  We got her into the vet this morning as early as possible, and after $400 or so worth of tests (some of which we are admittedly waiting for results on), we still don't know what is wrong.  

The X-Rays show that her lungs are congested, and she was running a temperature of 106 (101 is normal).  It could be a whole shopping list of things, from treatable, to maintainable to fatal.  We just don't know.  They gave her injections of antibiotics and a fast-acting steroids and she is home now.  We're watching her closely, making her comfortable, and hoping for improvement (and that maybe the test results will tell us more).

Sydney could use your good thoughts right now.  If you're feeling generous, you could help out her vet bills by buying her ebook, or making a donation at the button below.  But it would be enough if you just go give your pet a hug right now. (And if you don't have a pet, go rescue one from your local shelter right away. Sydney would like that.)


 Bad Agent Sydney wants to hear from YOU! Please leave your queries, questions, or comments! Perhaps Sydney's response will inspire a future post! While Bad Agent Sydney is not taking on new clients at this time, she is well aware that ALL WRITERS NEED CAT SUPERVISION!  Little known fact that this instinctive talent that ALL cats have!  Writers (and everyone want to be writer!), do to local shelter and ADOPT HOMELESS KITTY TODAY!  Use this LINK to find shelter near you!  GO!  AGENT SYDNEY SAYS! If you found this post useful or fun, please be aware that Sydney has NEEDS! Toys. Catnip. TUNA! Support Sydney (and her people) by digging deep and sending a "thank-you" donantion her way. PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (You cannot resist my hypnotic "pay up!" purr! PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


  1. Few things worse than having a sick furry child. All my best you way.

  2. Oh no! Get well soon, Sydney! And wishing you the best, Steve (and Chris)!

  3. Please hug Sydney for me. And if that thought distresses her, tell her that I am not doing the hugging myself.

    It's so hard when our furry family members get ill. I'm thinking of her.

  4. Sub-assistant Chris here...
    Sydney seems somewhat better - the meds kicked in and she is at least eating a little - though she's still very raspy this morning. Not well, not by a long shot, but certainly better.

    Now we have the unenviable job of trying to get the World's Worst Literary Agent to take her pills.