Wednesday, July 17, 2013


People ask the Sydney, "why do you not post more of your Bad Agent wisdoms on your blog?"  Well, first of all, Sydney is lazy.  Basically, from the end of last summer till now was all one, big, nap!

Second of all, Sydney mostly reports here on her Bad Agent schemes, but Sydney is too lazy to come up with new ones.  Sydney just copies ideas from other two-legged agents that she hears about!  The thing is, other agents just don't come up with that many new ideas.  Apparently all the old ideas for scams, schemes, screw-ups and rip-offs that Sydney has already written about work just fine! Writers is just as gullible as evers!  It is good to be an agent!

That does not mean that agents does not come up with new schemes now and then.  Sydney will try and pick up on some of them and report them, because just as much as Sydney is lazy, she is now also bored!

In the mean times, notice that Sydney is back to posting most weekdays on the Twitters!  Be sure to follow her at @badagentsydney for your daily (sometimes, mostly) does of Sydney!

Bad Agent Sydney wants to hear from YOU! Please leave your queries, questions, or comments! Perhaps Sydney's response will inspire a future post! While Bad Agent Sydney is not taking on new clients at this time, she is well aware that ALL WRITERS NEED CAT SUPERVISION!  Little known fact that this instinctive talent that ALL cats have!  Writers (and everyone want to be writer!), do to local shelter and ADOPT HOMELESS KITTY TODAY!  Use this LINK to find shelter near you!  GO!  AGENT SYDNEY SAYS! If you found this post useful or fun, please be aware that Sydney has NEEDS! Toys. Catnip. TUNA! Support Sydney (and her people) by digging deep and sending a "thank-you" donantion her way. PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (You cannot resist my hypnotic "pay up!" purr! PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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